One of our key objectives is to ensure the voluntary and community sector has a strong voice, and is respected and involved in decision making as an equal partner.

We do not aim to speak on behalf of the sector as we know that we cannot possibly represent the specific interests of 500+ charities, voluntary groups and clubs in the borough (nor have we got time to attend all of the necessary meetings!)

Instead we work to support an environment in which groups are able to have their voices heard and respected. We believe VODA is ideally placed to facilitate this through the strength of our membership, our understanding of, and reach to, many different parts of the sector, as well as the skills of our staff and our position as a recognised partner of the Council.

We also use our position to champion the potential role of VCS groups in new models of service delivery, as well as challenging developments that we believe may be deemed detrimental to the sector.

Our key work includes:

  • Delivering quarterly Working With the VCS events in partnership with North Tyneside Council.
  • Facilitating the VCS Chief Officers Group.
  • Ensuring the VCS has a seat on local and regional boards and partnerships.
  • Providing regular updates to keep the sector informed of local strategic developments.

Working With the VCS

Working With the VCS events provide an opportunity for voluntary and community organisations to come together with local authority officers (and others) on a quarterly basis. Each event focuses on a key focus topic, but there is always plenty of time to network, share opinions, provide updates and develop new ideas. Everyone is welcome.

North Tyneside VCS Chief Officers Group

The North Tyneside VCS Chief Officers Group was established by VODA in 2012 to provide an opportunity for organisations to work together to shape, improve and maintain services for the people of North Tyneside.

Membership of the group is open to VCS organisations that have an area of benefit covering the whole of the borough, have a clear charitable purpose, and can demonstrate benefits to residents of North Tyneside. Membership is restricted to Chief Officers or their equivalent. The current membership is made up of around 30 organisations.

The group meets bi-monthly and receives reports from reps who are elected to attend a range of boards and advisory groups including:

  • Cabinet
  • NTSP Executive
  • Health and Wellbeing Board (and sub groups)
  • Children Young People and Learning Partnership
  • Safer North Tyneside Board
  • Welfare Reform Group

External guests are invited to meetings as appropriate.

Key meetings and groups

VODA also represents at number of key events and working groups across the borough, including:

  • Community Mental Health Transformation Steering Group
  • Living Well North Tyneside Partnership & Strategic Group
  • Safe Haven Task & Finish Group
  • North Tyneside Drugs Alliance
  • Better Together Partnership
  • Digital Inclusion Working Group
  • Wallsend Masterplan Working group
  • High Street Transformation Board
  • North Tyneside Business ForumCulture Health and Wellbeing Network
  • North Shields Heritage Action Zone

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