Policies and Procedures

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Having the right policies and procedures in place is vital for an organisation’s development and sustainability – they ensure that things are done correctly across the organisation and help to safeguard service users, volunteers, staff and the organisation itself. Funders and commissioners require policies and procedures to be in place, and evidence that they are being implemented.

VODA can provide template policies and advice on implementing the relevant procedures on areas including:

  • Absence Management Policy
  • Access to and Use of ICT Policy
  • Adult Safeguarding Strategy, Policy and Procudure
  • Alcohol, Drug & Substance Misuse Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Equal and Diversity Policy
  • Fair Use of Services Policy
  • Financial Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Redundancy Policy & Procedures
  • Safeguarding Children/Young People
  • Staff Volunteering Policy
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Volunteer Policy & Procedures
  • Whistle Blowing Policy

Please contact us if your group or organisation would like further information or support around any of these policies and procedures.

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