Sector Connector

Sector Connector is an exciting collaboration between businesses, voluntary sector organisations and the public sector in North Tyneside to share skills, volunteers and resources.

Sector Connector recognises that all three sectors have skills and services that are beneficial to the other two, and acts as an intermediary to put community-minded businesses, public sector bodies and voluntary and community organisations in touch with each other to make good things happen.

Key to the way that Sector Connector works is to find common ground and shared values between people and organisations that often have very different objectives, outlooks and ways of working.  Sector Connector provides a free brokerage service to link up businesses that have an offer of community support with voluntary organisations in need of assistance.

Its greatest strengths are:

  • It is run at a local level
  • Embraces a wide range of support interventions
  • Is based upon bringing people together

For Voluntary Organisations

Sector Connector can provide access to free or reduced-cost training, skills, and professional advice and support that might not otherwise be affordable.  It can also be a valuable source of volunteers and trustees and can help voluntary organisations to spread their learning and expertise to a wider audience.  Full details of how your voluntary organisation or community group get help through Sector Connector can be found here 

For Businesses

Sector Connector can help deliver Corporate Social Responsibility and in demonstrating added social value in delivering service contracts that have a wider community or public benefit.  Equally, working with the Voluntary and Community Sector can help with staff development, gaining testimonials, identifying new markets and building closer relationships with customers.  Full details of how Sector Connector can help your business to make a difference in the local community can be found here

For Public Sector Organisations

Working with Sector Connector can help to engage organisations and businesses to tackle common issues, inform services and reach further into communities.

Get in Touch

To find out more about Sector Connector, please contact [email protected].

Case Studies

Rothwell Plumber

Sector Connector Case Study: Rothwell Plumbing Services & Lovaine Community Garden

When the Lovaine Community Garden needed help with a broken water supply, they contacted VODA’s Sector Connector to see if any local businesses could come to their aid. Thankfully, Rothwell Plumbing Services (North East) were able to step in and fix their water supply. Not only that, Rothwell also improved the hoses/connections, lagged the pipes to prevent further frost damage, and provided a new sink to wash pots. We spoke

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Earsdon & Wellfield

Earsdon and Wellfield Community Centre

The Earsdon and Wellfield Community Centre is a warm and welcoming community resource centre based in what was once the old village school. Many of their users come from the Earsdon and Wellfield community with others users coming from nearby Shiremoor, Blyth, New York and East and West Holywell. Sector Connector has worked with the centre to help support them in a number of ways. Combating loneliness Having already attended

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volunteers in garden

Sector Connector Case Study: EE Away Day

When VODA’s Good Neighbours project was approached by a Pastoral Lead at Beacon High School requesting assistance on behalf of a family of a young autistic boy for help with a tidy up of a garden, Sector Connector got in touch with EE to see if they could help out. The garden was said to be a complete mess. All the family wanted was a safe space for their son

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