Katie and Carol

Katie and Carol have been meeting up together since before Christmas. Carol had lost her confidence following a stroke and was left with mobility problems down her left side. She was wanting help to get out a bit more to get back some of her independence. Katie is a student studying at Newcastle University. She was keen to volunteer for the project to help members of the community.

This is what Katie has said about her experience of the project:

“I have really enjoyed meeting up with Carol. Activities have included taking her out shopping, going for lunch, attending appointments. I have seen Carol become more confident and she has started to go back to her Stroke group. Being a student, you mostly are in contact with other students and being away from home you don’t have much contact with family. This has been a nice escape from student life and we have built up a relationship where we enjoy meeting up and talking to each other. I would strongly recommend volunteering with the buddy project. It doesn’t interfere with my studies and it’s been lovely to give something back.”

This is what Carol has said since being a part of the project:

I feel more confident and back into the world again. I get on really well with Katie she is lovely. My children are grown up and it’s like having my daughter back with me. We have similar interests and always have lots to talk about. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found Katie, I’m so grateful. We both plan to have a meal soon to celebrate both of our birthdays. We just clicked right away. We have been out and about shopping; my appointments; by the lake and the swans (which we hope to do more of in the summer). This has helped me to get out in the fresh air. I had a set back in January after a fall; and was so appreciative to have help from Katie during that time.”




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