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Create a Volunteer Profile?

Creating a volunteer profile on our Volunteer Plus database allows VODA to respond to your interest in volunteering and provide you with further information about certain roles. If you make an enquiry we will email you the contact details of your chosen role which allows you to then contact the organisation directly. It also helps us to measure and monitor our impact.

If you create a profile but don’t make an enquiry we will email you to find out how we can best support you identify a potential role.

Completing the profile

Please complete the information below as fully as possible before pressing submit. It is OK to select “prefer not to answer”, but you must select one of the options or you cannot complete your profile. Once you have created your profile, you can log in to the database at any time to see the information you have submitted.

What do we do with your information?

VODA will only use your information for the purpose specified and in line with our privacy policy.

  • Your details are never shared and are stored securely on our database
  • You can contact us and ask for your personal details to be removed at any time
  • You can see your profile at any time by logging back in to Volunteer Plus

In order for us to register your details, please read our Privacy Policy and tick the consent button at the bottom of the form.

Please ensure you read Information for Potential Volunteers before continuing creating your profile.

What happens if I can’t create a profile?

Sometimes technology lets us down. If you experience any problems registering or searching for opportunities, please contact VODA directly.

Create a Volunteer Profile

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