Preparing for a new Trustee

You’ve successfully recruited a new trustee, but have you prepared to induct them into your organisation? Creating a trustee induction pack for your organisation and taking the time to ensure each new trustee is given a comprehensive induction will enable them to get to grips with their new role and responsibilities, the organisation and its aims and objectives, as well as getting to know the staff and volunteers.

What should an induction include? 

Firstly, the board should decide who will be responsible for delivering the induction and consider whether there are any training requirements for this.

The ideal induction consists of a pack of useful organisational information:

  • Clear role description and organisational expectations both procedural and behavioural
  • Constitution, Memoranda and Articles of association
  • annual Report
  • accounts and current budget
  • Recent minutes
  • Future meeting schedule
  • List of trustees, staff and volunteers
  • Media platforms and newsletters
  • Business plans and strategies
  • Charity Commission guidance and other relevant policy and legislation that impacts upon your organisation.

Consider who the trustee should meet or what meetings they would benefit from attending:

  • The Chair
  • Longstanding trustee (consider buddying up a new trustee with an experienced trustee for a period of time)
  • another relatively new trustee
  • The staff team (if relevant)
  • Volunteers
  • Service users
  • Representatives from partner organisations, funders etc

What activities would benefit the trustee to observe? This is a good way of getting to know an organisation. Is there any training that the trustee should attend to increase their knowledge of their role or that of the organisation, for example safeguarding, understanding finances (balance sheets etc).

How Can VODA Help?

  • Training: We have a comprehensive training programme, see our website for details, including “Trustee Roles, Responsibilities and Governance” aimed at both new trustees and refresher training for existing trustees. We can also deliver the training to your organisation as a development session.
  • Advice and Guidance: You can access a range of advice and information sheets via our website or you can speak to or meet with our Core Services Team for anything from changing your charity structure to advice funding and governance issues.
  • Trustee Recruitment: Advice and guidance on good recruitment and induction processes. advertise your trustee vacancy with us free of charge.

For further information or enquiries Contact Keith Hardy on 0191 643 2636 or email [email protected].


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