Trusteeship Good for Business?

How trusteeship can help provide great experience for junior staff members looking to build their leadership skills

There is a myth that becoming a charity trustee is just for those people who’ve been there, and done that. A retired professional or businessperson comes to mind as an ideal candidate. Whilst it’s true that a Board of Trustees will benefit immensely from trustees with this type of background, younger trustees are in high demand as they are integral to the diversity offering of a Board, bringing different skills, experience and perspectives. But what’s in it for any young would-be trustee, and their employer?

It can be difficult for a busy professional to justify the time and energy to volunteer for a charity when their focus is on their own career. However, when younger people take on these roles they will be richly rewarded. Put simply, it could help younger people get a leg up the career ladder.

Young trustees can develop their management and leadership skills and gain experience that can help them progress in their professional careers. In addition, they will meet some fascinating people who they wouldn’t necessarily come across in other circumstances and be able to attend events and develop working relationships with other professionals. Through trusteeship, professionals can develop transferable skills that make interesting differentiators on their CVs.

There are advantages for the employers too. Encouraging staff to take up a trustee role supports their own desire to give back and helps them develop their skills and expand their networks which can often reap rewards within their full-time role.

One in four of the UK’s smaller charities and one in five larger charities are struggling to recruit enough trustees. They need the experience and support of capable, well-connected people who can help guide the work they do and to guide and manage the organisation. There is, therefore, no better time to consider becoming a trustee and you can access a list of available trustee positions in North Tyneside on the VODA website here.


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